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What body type (not body shape) are you?

Do you have an item of clothing that feels like a second skin? It may bit the shape, colour or print but what makes us truly love what we wear and what we may not always be aware of is how the fabric falls on our body. On the other hand, we may also have something really beautiful which neither looks nor feels right on US for the same reasons. Fabric drape being the key.

Fabric's body and the level of drape determines if the garment is aligned with our body's constructions; its lines and geometry. Clothes are created based on shapes corresponding with the lines (straight, curved, wavy and jagged lines) and shapes (oval, rectangle, figure eight etc). Can you imagine fitting curved shoulder lines into, for instance, a structured rectangle garment?

We are all familiar with the concept of body shapes (e.g. triangle, circle, rectangle) which determine the most suitable fit/ cut of clothes. I would now like to introduce you to another very important aspect of personal style; body types.

Body types are part of the unique body design system. The concept of body types helps us understand our own design; the lines, shapes and how to ensure the fabrics will honour, align with and flatter our bodies.

There are three main body types: moulded, skeletal and muscular.. We can be one of those (regardless of our size) or a combination of two or sometimes three types e.g. top body can be moulded and lower body can be skeletal and so on.

Moulded Body has predominantly fleshy appearances and curved, rounded lines.

Skeletal Body has predominantly bony appearance with straight, angular lines and visible bones.

Muscular Body has predominantly taut and muscular appearance with toned curves and firm skin.

Each of those body types or a combination of those will look different if dressed in the garment of the same fabric.

I am myself a combination of skeletal/ muscular on top and moulded on the bottom part :-)

Which bod type do you think you are?

Stayed tuned as next time I will be talking about the different types of fabrics.

Would you like to discuss your body type or anything else related to style with me? Book in your 30min free slot HERE.

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