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Gymwear edit for each body shape

Gym can be quite a vulnerable place - we go there to "work on our bodies" - whatever your goal may be (toning up, getting stronger, getting healthier, losing weight etc) - it is a place we are often faced with our amazing imperfections! No one wants to be in a place like this feeling unattractive!

Getting quality, beautiful and flattering gymwear will:

  • make gym experience more fun and positive

  • boost your confidence

  • motivate you to actually show up there

  • encourage you to be more open to engaging in conversations (who know who you can meet there hint hint!)

Just like with any other outfit, gymwear should flatter our natural silhouette. When we go to the gym and we look in the mirror, we should love what we see in terms of colour, style and silhouette.

Gymwear should motivate us and energise us; this is why more intense and vivid colours are recommended from our personal colour palettes.

I have prepared an example gym set for each of the body shape focusing specifically on colour and the most flattering lines for each silhouette.

Not sure what your Body Shape is and what colours would look most flattering on you?

You can learn this plus much more within my 90 days Style Coaching Program "From Invisible to Irresistible" - book a free consultation with me to learn more and understand if it is the right fit for you via this link:

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