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New Year Eve home glam

Staying at home for New Year's Eve means many of us will approach this evening in all sorts of ways outfit wise! I say you still glam up to bid goodbye to 2020; yes, it has been tough but I am sure we all learnt a lot and we have reasons to raise that champagne glass or two!

Having the home setting in mind, I prepared 3 different outfits thinking as usual about different style types.


White & black look is the one that will never disappoint you! It is not only one of the key trends for 20201; it is so glamorous and you will surely feel special. I have chosen white silky shirt, black sequin skirt paired with slinky sandals, golden statement jewellery & burgundy lipstick.


We all must have some sort of sparkly dress at home, right? It can be any colour as long as it is tiny bit shiny; you cannot go wrong with that option for NYE party! For a more classy, innocent or playful style, I have chosen this dusty pink shift sequin dress paired with green sandals, silver stud earrings and hot pink lipstick.


Although this outfit screams natural/ ethereal, it does have a sparkle; the golden tone sandals, the dangly earing and the arm bracelet. I thought that many of you may simply want to wear their favourite pair of jeans; which is perfectly fine! I suggest pairing it with a statement, fantasy top to make it a memorable set for the last day of the year!

Not sure which style is best for you?

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