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How to maintain a youthful image - part 1

I find it so interesting that we grow up having certain beliefs about style and age. Because I usually work with women 30+, the subject of aging and different aspects of it does come up quite often.

On one hand, there are so many worries which stem from our beliefs as well as expectations of the wider society of what is appropriate and what not, how one should look, what colours and lengths we should bid farewell to once we hit certain age mark. On the other hand, there are those questions of how to maintain that youthful look and how not to feel old.

The way we look and feel about ourselves depends on how we approach the different forms of age:

  1. Chronological age is our actual age based on when we were born

  2. Biological age is the measure of how well we function and look physically which depends on our lifestyle, habits, energy levels and our image

  3. Psychological age is about how we perceive life and ourselves; our mindset and outlook on life

As much as we do not have a power to stop our chronological age, we are in a total control of our biological and psychological age! A number can be truly just a number if we make a decision of how to live our life, how to take care of our bodies, our image and our attitude.

Many of us belief that youth is more attractive and more desirable; we tend to yearn to go back in time to look like we did 10 or so years ago. But when you pause and really think about your life experiences, how you grew as a person and what you have learnt; would you really want to go back in time? If we make a conscious decision of embracing our current selves with this wealth of experience and wisdom, it will be easier to focus on taking care of our internal/ external image as well as our outlook on life.

In this post, I want to share some tips on how to boost our biological age and ensure we maintain that youthful look.

How to boost your biological age

  1. Take care of your water intake (at least 2l of water per day) and nutrition; you can always get professional advice on how to nourish your body, it's worth it!

  2. Engage in an enjoyable physical activity that will help you keep your body healthy and energised.

  3. Invest in improving the condition of your teeth; beautiful, healthy and white teeth can take away 10 years!

  4. Find a hairstyle that suits your face shape and style; have your hair done regularly, keep it modern and fresh!

  5. Nail your day make up routine; learn simple techniques that ensure you fix a great make up in 5min. Don't forget a beautiful lipstick in a perfect colour for your palette!

  6. Wear smoothing, fitted lingerie that will help you feel confident; remember that this is the base of your outfit and it makes a tremendous difference to how your clothes will look on you!

  7. Always wear clothes that flatter your silhouette; learn about your body shape and proportions so that you feel confident choosing clothes.

  8. Choose colours that help you look radiant, fresh and youthful. Black is really not a great option. Get your colours done professionally and have fun with injecting colour into your look.

  9. Get a pair of beautiful sunglasses that suit your face shape and natural colouring; this is one of the elements that elevates your style instantly.

  10. Invest in one pair of perfectly fitting, comfortable jeans that boost your confidence instantly!

Check my next blog post on how to boost your psychological age.

Spring is a perfect time to start afresh with your style as well as outlook on life; if this is something that you are ready for, please do book FREE STYLE REVIEW session with me. We will look at where you are now and how to get you where you want to be with your image. You can book it HERE.

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