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How to choose a blazer for your body shape

No doubt every girl needs a blazer! It is one of the items that we do actually need in a grown up wardrobe regardless of your style. Blazer is that magic item that can take an outfit from casual to smart casual, it can replace a coat if layered up and it will surely be a go to item for more professional or formal settings. There is also certain power factor that comes with a blazer: the accentuated shoulder line, the tailored fabric and at times, clinched waist. Apart from that it's elegant, chic and stylish; if we wear it the right way, that is!

Nowadays, the most modern and trendy style of a blazer comes in an oversized form, straight line and below the hip length. There is no doubt that this type of a blazer can instantly update your look giving it a fresh, urban feel. If you like it, do get it and pair it with literally everything!

If you, however, would like to opt for a more classic type of a blazer suitable for your body shape, read on! I have made a selection from Vinted with second hand blazer for each of the 5 main body shapes along with the most flattering shape of trousers (straight, mid waist, mid weight fluid fabric); the one that balances the different silhouettes and is the most neutral.

Let's start looking at each shape and some examples of the blazer that will flatter and balance out that body shape.


If the widest part of your silhouette is your midsection and if this is where you usually put on weight first, plus if your shoulder line and hips are of similar width and you have slim/ moderate legs then the blazer that will balance your body out is the one that draws an eye down and does not clinch you at the widest point which is your waist. This is why this blazer will be perfect to streamline the midsection by drawing all the attention to the accentuated shoulder line and to the hip area thanks to the draped pockets.


If you have a visibly wider bottom part (hip & bum area with sizable thighs), small waist and narrow shoulder line, then, most probably you have a triangle body shape. The blazer that will be best for you is the one that either helps to widen the shoulder line and draw an eye up (e.g. wide lapels, shoulder pads etc) or the one that is structured at the top with accentuated shoulders and waist line, and the one that fall below your hipline to create long vertical line and elongate the whole silhouette.


If your turn the triangle upside down, you will end up with the opposite shape: considerably wider top part, rather long torso with slightly accentuated waist and very narrow hipline. You tend to wear a size up on top and smaller size on your bottom. Finding trousers may be a challenge! What we need to do to balance your silhouette out is to add volume to your hips line and draw an eye away from your shoulder line to the midline. This blazer in an example of a style that will do exactly that; the double line and the pockets draw attention and widen the hip area. The hip line also draws attention to the bottom part. This shape should avoid wide lapels and severely structured shoulder line.


Rectangle shape is pretty much straight all the way down with very little curves; small bust, delicate waist line and narrow hip line. The common objective for the rectangle shape is to create the curves by adding volume, softening the angularity and creating more supply shape. The example of a blazer I have selected, has a lot of softness; the pockets accentuate and soften the hip line while the gathering and the decorative element on the top, adds volume to the chest area. The thicker fabric also gives the impression of fullness.


Hourglass ladies measure very similarly in their hip & shoulder line, they have their waist well defined, moderate to generous bust and overall curvy look. Now, it may seem that this shape can wear anything and it will look great as it is all balanced but what is important to bear in mind that there are certain type of clothes that may still create imbalance and what's even worse; hide those fabulous curves! In order to avoid that, the hourglass should opt for a blazer that accentuates the shoulder and the hip line while clinching the waist. The peplum style with the feminine detailing and subtle shoulder puffing will fit this shape perfectly!

Not sure what you body shape is? Have a look at my Style Solutions - one of them is about helping you identify your body type and understand what type of clothes will be most and least flattering, and how to style the clothes to balance out the proportions looking great and feeling confident!

If you like any of the blazers, simply click on the items below!

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