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Home wear capsule wardrobe

With the new "stay at home" reality of this year; our attention turned to home wear! Like never before, we are literally stuck at home and there is no way around but to adjust our outfits to a comfortable setting of our abodes as opposed to professional office ones or the glam of beautiful restaurants, bars or wherever you tend to hang out in "your previous life"!

Not to get confused or overwhelmed by not being able to wear you usual smart slacks or crisp blouses, I suggest you create a dedicated capsule wardrobe for comfy yet stylish stay at home life (it is temporary of course, we all hope so!).

So here is a list of items that I truly believe, in my humble personal stylist opinion, will be useful!

Not sure how to put together a capsule wardrobe that would be perfect for you or what style essence you are; check out my style offers or book a free style consult so we can chat first!

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