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All White Look for a Winter walk

One of the things that we will be surely doing a lot over the next months, is going for walks. With everything else not within our reach, walking is what we can do to boost our mental and physical well being. Add a great podcast or an audio book, or just walk in silence; it is all good!

I personally made it my own daily routine to go for a 1h walk. This is to refreshing for the mind and invigorating for the body.

What can further enhance our mood is that we look nice when going out. I am still all for comfort and warmth but we can definitely replace the usual jeans/ leggings with a skirt/ dress paired with warm jumper, your favourite coat instead of a sporty jacket & comfy flat boots!

I have chosen this all white look with a dash of red and yellow!

I hope this will give you an inspiration and encourage you to look good when on your Winter walks!

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