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Wide leg denim Friday night in

Where are the days when we all (or most of us) would be heading for those Friday after work drinks, dinner and parties? Right now, the excitement of the end of the week ends up either on a sofa or a zoom call with your family or colleagues. Am I missing anything?

I am all up for keeping at it as "normal" as possible so this is why the idea of dressing up just a little bit to celebrate the beginning of the weekend is something I want to share and encourage you to do as well. These sort of details e.g. making an effort with your outfit instead of staying in in your leggings, really matters in boosting our well being or maintaining the sense of normality despite the current restrictions.

I decided that wide leg jeans will be the base of the three different outfits, for the three different style types. The reason why I have chosen this model of jeans is that it is the most comfortable, most flattering (for most body types) and also one of the trendiest.

Jeans are infamous for being uncomfortable, yet this model gives you freedom of movement thanks to the volume of the shape. If you really want to ensure that they feel almost like your pyjama bottoms, pick a model in very think type of jeans. I recommend checking out Weekday

Here are the 3 outfits, I think you can still rock that Friday night in keeping it comfy yet stylish!

Which one would you pick for your self? Which one feels like you?

Simply click below on the image or the links to be taken directly to the shops.

Not sure how to determine which outfit would be perfect for you or what style essence you are; check out my style offers or book a free style consult so we can chat first!

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