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Wardrobe essentials series - a trench coat

I am often being ask what it is that we should/ must have in our wardrobes. I tend to go around answering this question directly because I truly believe that there is nothing each of us "must" or "have to" have as it comes to our wardrobes. My approach to styling is based on a strong believe that each of us is an individual with his/ her own needs, features and resources; and our wardrobes should reflect that and be tailored to serves us as unique individuals. I advise that this is what you should pay attention to when seeking style advice; remember "one solution, rarely fits all."

Having said that, I do want to be of service to my audience and, as much as varied my advice would be depending on what you need, how you look and how you want to project yourself, I am happy to make certain general recommendations as regards to the items majority of us might need.

And so this is the beginning of the "Wardrobe essential series" which will cover certain items that are versatile and useful to have. We start with a trench coat.

Historically, a trench coat was a masculine wardrobe item born during WW1 when officers in the trenches wore it as waterproof and sturdy layer to protect against the elements. Nowadays, the trench coat does not recognise the gender. It is indeed one of the basic items particularly useful during Spring and Autumn.

There is a wide range of choice in terms of style, colour, length and fabric so what to consider then when buying a trench coat?


As with other wardrobe essentials, I would recommend to focus on the quality since we assume that these items will be used on a much more regular basis so the durability matters. Our budgets will differ, but we should ensure we go for the top quality we can afford


We also got to truly love that trench coat! The love will be there if the trench coat is flattering, if it makes us feel confident and when the style is aligned with our overall look. Be wary of the extreme trends which may not suit you as an individual. Of course, classics get updated as well but it's always better to choose what you are naturally attracted to. Trust your gut on that!


The most popular colour for the trench coat is camel. This is a safe choice and definitely suitable for majority of us. However, bear in mind that your preference and your personal palette should be the main drive behind colour choice. The colour of the trench coat should, again, be flattering for you and it should be aligned with other colours that you already have in your wardrobe. There is black, grey, beige, white, green, navy and dark brown to consider on top of the camel one.

Here is my selection for the different variety of trench coats you can purchase for this Spring!

If you need help deciding which style, cut and colour of the trench coat is suitable for you; please book in free style consultation so we can choose the best option for you:

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