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Vintage blouse all year round styling

Do you want to buy less while wearing more of your clothes? Get creative! Majority of our clothes can be worn all year round for a variety of occasions. What often happens though is that we reserve clothes for certain events or seasons. This minimises the use of the items and limits the options of increasing wear per spend.

My tip would be to get creative and try to style your clothes for variety of occasions/ levels or formality and seasons why changing the footwear, accessories and the outwear.

You can dress up and dress down 99% of your wardrobe; it is about overcoming certain limitations of some things being too dressy or too casual. It all comes down of HOW you wear it.

Here is an example of a print, silk vintage blouse and a pair of wide leg denim jeans (the most modern model of denim) styled for different times of the year.

Please note that all items except for the jeans have been sourced from Vinteduk. Do you like any of them? Simply click on the links below to check the item on Vinted.

Not sure how to determine which outfit would be perfect for you or what style essence you are; check out my style offers or book a free style consult so we can chat first!

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