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The blue shopping edit

I have never heard anyone saying that they hate blue! It must be one of the most beloved colours; be it royal blue, turquoise, bright aqua or teal; we all have our favourite tone!

Blue is definitely worth having in your wardrobe! Usually it is a blue blouse or a shirt, let's not forget that denim qualifies as blue too but how about other items that can be unexpectedly blue; for instance; a winter scarf, a handbag or pair of shoes?

If you are looking for alternatives to e.g. black; navy will do the job just right! If you are looking for something that will brighten up your outfit; blue accessories will look beautiful when matched with other colours such as orange, pink, white, red or burgundy. This list is not exhaustive!

To inspire you and encourage to add a dash of blue to your look, here is a shoppable inspiration of some bits & pieces! If you fall in love instantly with any of them; simply click on the item below and show away!

Not sure which blue tone works for you best? Maybe you would like to have your colours one to learn which colour tones are most flattering for you; check out my style offers or book a free style consult so we can chat first!

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