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Summer Outfit Idea - Maxi skirt

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

With the temperatures souring in London, it's time to pull some awesome summer looks! We may not be able to rock our summer clothes on exotic holidays this year but we may still capitalise on the weather in the city!

For a Sunday walk with my sister, I went for a maxi skirt which used to be a dress but I cut the top off; the dress was more of a cocktail number and I did not have the opportunities to wear it; a skirt will definitely have more wears! The skirt is jacquard oyster white pleated flare type which works very well for my hourglass shape; it accentuates the waist and flares out from the hip line. I maintain the balance of the silhouette by adding a top that accentuates the shoulder like; puff sleeve in this case.

I am in the process of removing a tattoo on my arm so the one sleeve asymmetric floral top; worked very well here. The colours on the top are coral, blue, green and ouster white; all rather warm which goes well with the natural tone of the skirt.

I felt like styling this skirt with a print top will make the look more fun and lively; plus it helped me to maintain the medium colour contrast; with my natural colour medium contrast (in my skin, eyes and hair) I look best in light & medium or medium & dark colour combos. Curious about your Colour Contrast? You can have a virtual or in person Colour Analysis Session; book the free intro chat HERE to learn more.

The skirt being the main and the most prominent item in my outfit created a colour base for the whole look. I added blush pink, taupe to the base and then warm accent colours to complete the look.

The colour combination in this outfit is Analogous with the effect of calm, friendly, and/or restful look.

To me the most fun and actually of primary importance are the accessories (including shoes); this is where you manifest your authentic self and that can change (depending on your mood/ the occasion/ the intention). For this outfit, my intention was to appear feminine even slightly alluring, interesting, relaxed and fun. I combined the feminine elements (the maxi skirt, floral top) with more masculine accents of chunky slides by Philip Lim and camera bag(by Coach, and oversized shades; notice the squarish and rectangular shapes in the masculine elements of my outfit. The delicacy of the look despite using the masculine forms is maintained through the use of light and soft colour base. The combination of gold and silver accents relate to my warm and cool colouring.

My message here is that dressing can be fun, joyful and fulfilling if we do it with knowledge about ourselves; what works for us/ what doesn't and why, how to combine colours for the desired effect, how to choose fabrics to flatter our body type and how to choose the right shape to accentuate our silhouette.

If this is something you would like to explore, book yourself in with me for a 30min Complimentary Style Review Session HERE. I would love to help you achieve the look you dream of!

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