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She believed she deserved, so she did it

A lot of the times it's about whether we believe that we deserve the things that matter to us. I know that many of us are guilty of downplaying our needs and dreams; it's easy to find an excuse of not to take care of yourself. We may put others first, we may say it's a waste of money, we may never find time while the "uncomfortable comfort" remains. Life goes on...

It takes an open mind, courage and a lot of self- love to give yourself that space, time and resources which helps us improve the quality of your life. I will always salute women who take that step and I consider myself lucky to be working with women like that. I know that it's never easy for any of my clients to come to me; it means something. It means she overcame whatever stood in her way to take care of herself; which in turn, benefits not only her but also those around her.

Meet Nadine; a lady at the height of her career as a Payroll Manager, a wife and a mom to three beautiful children. Nadine also has recently launched her own Podcast; the Natcha Show. She wants to share her life experience to inspire and educate women who are looking for a direction in life. She aspires to be that person whom she needed at the different stages of her life when she would have benefited from an advice of a kind hearted and more experienced women.


Nadine approached me on the Instagram. We started with an initial consultation to understand what brings her to my style coaching. She wanted to create an image that would be more aligned with a woman she is and aspires to be. She knew she could do better so that she feels more confident and establishes more coherence between her internal and external image. Nadine recognised the need to be able to send the right message with her look related to her life goals. She also wanted to feel and look more up to date, youthful and stylish.


We started our Style Coaching process with understanding where Nadine was with her current image. I asked her to send me some photos of what she is usually wearing. At this stage, I always try to understand what it is that the client is doing that serves her and what she does that impedes her personal and visual potential. I do believe everyone can look good; it's about understanding how.

Among other things, the main area of improvement which I identified for Nadine was dressing her body type in a way that makes her look in proportion. Wearing your clothes the right way can take away years and pounds of us!


The first session we had was Colour Analysis. No matter what the main area of improvement is, I like to start with colours; this is a fun and pleasant way to embark on your personal style journey. Based on the headshot photo and understanding better Nadine's personality, I conducted 60min virtual Colour Analysis session. Nadine learnt about her undertone, colour contrast, and colour tones that work and don't work for her. She left the session knowing her colour palette, which colours to avoid and how to combine colours for the different effects.


Next we focused on Nadine's body design. During a virtual session, I demonstrated how to dress her specific body shape, proportions and scale. It's very challenging for us to understand our own bodies; we do need an objective, expert eye to help us here. Mirrors do not tell us full truth. I needed that myself too years ago. Knowing your body and proportions is one of the most empowering aspects of successful dressing; you no longer crave to be like somebody else. The understanding of how we are constructed somehow helps with self-acceptance. It is also undeniably easier to get dressed and shop for specific shapes, lengths and styles.


The question of style is fascinating. We often seek inspiration for our own style in other people on social media or celebrities, while all the answers are within ourselves; our look, what we love and what we are attracted to. This specific session is a combined effort of me analysing the external features of the client; their face to understand their Style Essence (what suits them in terms of design, lines, shapes, print etc), getting to know them better as individuals; their personality/ vibe, and on the client side to provide with me visuals (I request the clients to send me pictures of what they love in art, nature, design etc) that appeal to them. Based on all the information, I create a style mood board which reflects the client's desired and suitable style and identify style descriptive words. The experience is nothing short of powerful and enlightening.


I enjoy all aspects of my work but Wardrobe Styling is my favourite; I truly consider myself an expert in helping women understand and learn managing their wardrobe in a creative ad resourceful way. It's not only about our wardrobes being often overwhelming due to sheer number of things we have; it's about not knowing exactly what we have and how to wear our clothes.

Imagine opening your wardrobe and not only knowing each thing you own but also loving it because you are 100% it suits you, it makes you feel confident and looks great on you. You also know how to mix and match clothes in a variety of outfits so you don't have that awful feeling of having nothing which results in another shopping escapade. This is exactly what Nadine achieved with her wardrobe after I visited her for a half a day long styling session.


Me and Nadine are going shopping to replenish her wardrobe with the essential items that are missing from her wardrobe. Nadine has a clarity of what she already has and what she needs to achieve the look she dreams of. We have created a specific shopping list, there is a set budget with the minimum amount required and a stretch which will provide us with some flexibility. Once she has her wardrobe completed, I am going to prepare for her a digital Style Guide with photos of her clothes combined in different outfit combinations. That style guide also includes the summary of the sessions we had before; colour, body design, style and wardrobe styling.

I feel privileged having helped yet another woman:

  • boost her confidence

  • take advantage of the most powerful non verbal communication tool; her image

  • feel attractive, beautiful, youthful and modern

  • gain an understanding of her own individual beauty and know how to make the most of it

  • manage her wardrobe and subsequently her finances better by knowing how to shop effectively

  • deepen self-love and self-acceptance

Did you like what you have seen here? If you feel it is something that you need, get in touch; let's chat during my free style consultation (book here:

See where it takes you!

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Natcha Solutions
Natcha Solutions
17 de jun. de 2021

I loved every bit of the coaching session. Simply awesome. Thanks Ewelina.

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