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Post lockdown style thoughts

I completed my first in person Wardrobe Review last weekend. What a joy to be able to resume what I have missed over the last year. Don't get me wrong, the zoom option works very well and I am so glad I can help my clients remotely as well! But it's just so nice to spend the whole day with a client and have that in person interaction. Reviewing and styling yet another wardrobe, has prompted me to write this blog post on being aware, creative and smart as it comes to our wardrobes.

This is a reminder to myself and to all of you. This client was convinced that her wardrobe had no interesting pieces; that basically there was nothing to work with. Of course, it turned out that it was packed with fantastic stuff and I had so much fun styling the different outfits. All in all, what I am getting to is that I am sure, just like that lovely lady, you too have a lot of options but maybe you simply:

  • don't see what you really have

  • don't know what to do with your clothes

  • don't understand how to make your clothes work for you

It's ok, you don't have to know any of it; no one has taught us that! With Spring/ Summer just round the corner (yes, it's still sort of chilly out there!), you may enter the confusion-frustration phase about your clothes. On the top of that, we are emerging from the lockdown and going back to socialise, travel, dine out and back to the offices so the motivation/ pressure to get dressed is back on!

If you ask me and if you want me to be totally honest veering towards blunt; you will not be able to audit and style your wardrobe successfully yourself. I know you may be disliking what I am saying but this is the truth. We have limited capacity for an objective view and approach to ourselves. I am speaking from experience; until now, I am seeking advice on a monthly basis on my style from my current Style Mentor (I am also training with her because there is always something new to find out especially in this creative job). She is an internationally renown Master Stylist (there are only 19 in the world) and she is also getting style advice from another trusted stylist...what does that tell you? Well, if those people acknowledge and still seek feedback from others, and they are working in the field themselves, "how about me?". I always say and I will repeat; nailing your style is a journey not a getaway!

You have a choice here;

  • continue as you have until now with (probably) the same results

  • acknowledge that just like with other things e.g. nutrition, training, learning a language, you will seek help of a professional

The choice is always yours.

To finish off, I want to share with you a new guide I created for Spring/ Summer casual wear; what I had in mind are the weekend and short getaways. You can download it HERE.

The guide is very general but I hope it will serve as a prompt to check how ready you are for Spring/ Summer not only with the content of your wardrobe but also with the knowledge of what suits you and the skills to style your clothes. If you are still in the zone of "I have nothing to wear"; have a look at this very simple inspiration of styling the same pair of trousers and a handbag in 3 different ways for a casual look. Can you try doing the same with your clothes?

Not sure? Book some time in with me HERE; let's see where you are with your current style and if I can offer any advice.

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