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My ultimate outfit formula

Do you have a strategy for creating your look? How do you ensure that your outfits are creative, unique and interesting? Are you sourcing from different places to ensure variety?

The easiest way to shop if, of course, on the high-street. There is nothing wrong with that and I do not condemn anyone for having their go-to places, however, it is good to be aware of certain pitfall of this approach.

  1. Creating your looks only based on high-street shops puts you at risk of looking exactly or very similar to others. Consider the fact that if something is trending in Zara or H&M; it is very likely that this piece will be very popular and you will probably keep bumping into people wearing exactly the same thing. Personally, I find it annoying! I feel immediately very the "un-special" and the item looses its charm to me. If you want to stand out and ensure you have unique pieces; add vintage or second hand to your look as those pieces are one of a kind!

  2. Shopping only in high-street shops which, let's be honest, are hugely part of the "fast fashion" phenomenon contributes to the harmful and destructive effect of fashion on the environment. The production, use and disposal of clothes has a significant environmental impact. After transport, utilities, construction, and food, the clothing industry represents the fifth-biggest environmental footprint of any UK business sector. It's time to take our own personal responsibility and reduce the consumption as much as we can; for the love of the planet!

  3. Another important aspect to consider is the spend on new clothes. It goes without saying that brand, new clothes cost considerably more than second hand items. You can often find second hand items still with price tags As for vintage; it really depends where you shop. Vintage shops price their items at a similar rate to e.g. high street stock because although the items have been previously worn (some are new), they are priced higher due to their uniqueness and time value. For instance, vintage Chanel bag is much more expensive than the new one. Nevertheless, shopping second hand and vintage is definitely more economical. Nowadays with so many offline and online places to buy/ sell used clothes, the only thing that can stand in our way of extending the life of clothes, shoes etc are our own reservations to wearing previously used clothes. The choice is ours.

My personal, ultimate outfit formula is about mixing vintage, second hand, designer & high street.

This is how you can start:

· decide what is worth investing it - for me it's quality, comfortable shoes

· check what you can get second hand instead of getting the same or similar thing new

· look for unique vintage pieces e.g. accessories to make your look more interesting

· get high street quality basics to complete your outfits

An example of my outfit with items sourced from different places:

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