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Monochrome look with a dash of green

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

The theme of Winter walk outfits continues! Why not wrap up keeping it stylish yet warm? This time you can resort to one of the leading trends of 2021: white & black!

I find the monochrome colour combo one of the best ever; there is just something special when you wear white & black! It is a timeless style solution that I don't think will ever come out of fashion. In order to give it a fresh, modern as well as urban touch; I paired it with green elements in those 3 outfits based on this stunning, maxi coat!

Which version do you like the most? I can totally see all of the outfits being taken for a long, winter walk!

Do you like any of the items? Simply click below on the links to be taken directly to the shops.

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