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Maxi dress layering ideas

You know what's the real skill in personal styling? Creativity!

You can have hundreds of clothes but if you don't know what to do with them; then you will loose in the styling game! I will repeat it as long as I work as a Style Coach;

- learn how to be creative with your clothes!

- maximise what you have for various occasions!

- experiment with your clothes and plan your outfits!

Take this type of a dress for example; voluminous, sleeveless and neutral colour. You don't need exactly the same style but something along those lines. The idea here is to style a versatile and neutral piece in multiply ways.

  1. Layer a buttoned top over the dress; wear it closed so the dress will transform into a skirt or open so the top transforms into a "blazer!

  2. Layer the dress with a chunky jumper so that you can wear it when it's cold and you don't have to save it for Summer! Think about maximising the wear per buy!

  3. Layer the dress with an off-shoulder top underneath for an ultra trendy look and add pop of colour!

I have chosen this specific footwear with the idea of wearing those outfits in the current scenario of staying at home. You can easily change the shoes and pear those options with boots, sneakers or sandals!

Which idea would you try yourself?

Simply click below on the image or the links to be taken directly to the shops.

Not sure how to determine which outfit would be perfect for you or what style essence you are; check out my style offers or book a free style consult so we can chat first!

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