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Effortless look for each body shape

I am often asked about how to create an effortless, stylish look with a guaranteed dashing result. The answer is not straightforward because everyone is different. Each of us will have different lifestyle, style needs, personality, job, physique etc. so "the stylish effortless" will look different to each of us.

The elements of style we should all consider if we strive for an authentic, confident and effortless image evolve around US; once you have a full understanding of yourself, you will be able to dress, shop and style yourself with knowledge, joy and confidence.

The elements of style in my Style Coaching:

  • lifestyle

  • personality

  • psychological effect

  • colours

  • body type

  • body shape

  • facial features

  • facial and hair textures

  • body and facial scale

  • body proportions

  • personal preferences

It's a long term work to master all the style elements. However, what matters is to take small steps and start with at least one of the above aspects to ensure we feel confident and authentic in what we wear.

Once of the most common dilemmas for is around their body shape. There is a lot of confusion and misinformation surrounding this topic; from the naming convention and characteristics of each shape to what clothes flatter each of the shapes. It is also not easy to identify our own body shape if it is not obvious. I have been living my life thinking I was a triangle while I am an hourglass! Our perception of ourselves is often distorted so it is crucial we get expert advice here and get it right so we can use this information to dress with confidence and in truth to ourselves.

Knowing your body shape and dressing for it brings ease to life, guarantees good fit of clothing (we also must take into knowing our body type to select suitable fabrics) and helps you embrace your body because the rules for dressing specific body shapes apply regardless of your size; they are exactly the same for size 8 and 22!

What's important is to know your body shape because that gives you an awareness of the most natural and flattering clothing cut and shape; however, in order to have more options, to introduce creativity and fun into your style, you can always create alternative silhouettes e.g. an hourglass dressing in oval clothing types. Once you know your shape, you can do it skilfully and achieve a great effect!

If you are confused about your body shape and how to dress for it; I encourage you to find out to make your life easier and to boost your confidence! Visit the Style Solution section on my website and book your Body Analysis session HERE.

I have chosen below ONE (there are more of course!) effortless look for each body shape; these are "go-to" solutions that will guarantee that at least this aspect of your look on a day is perfect for you!

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