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Comfy elegance for Christmas at home

Let's not be kidding ourselves, most of us will be just at home this festive season. Hence, the outfit choices will be very different to the usual time when we would be taking our more elegant and glamorous selves to visit our family and friends.

The way I imagine this this, or rather plan is to spend a lot of time on the sofa reading, watching movies and eating. I am not planning on lounging in my leggings but neither the plan is to wear something that will restrict my movement or make me feel guilty about enjoying some Christmas delicacies (read: a lot of cake!)

I suggest we don't give up and still look somewhat elegant, festive and dressy but comfortable.

I have created 3 example outfits which I think encompass all of the criteria for this year's Christmas appropriate outfit:

1. Warm, cosy jumper & tulle skirt

This gorgeous red cardigan with heart shaped buttons is everything we want; warm, sweet and elegant! Complimented by a mocca tulle skirt which will give us comfort and the magical feel.

2. White satin blouse and wide leg trousers

White blouse is actually my top choice for a festive season; you cannot go wrong with it as it will be always suitable and appropriate. Add wide leg, comfortable trousers so that you can sit or lie down while still looking very elegant!

3. LBD with a twist

Another classic choice that will never disappoint is a little black dress but with an interesting element of a pleated ruffle. Add sparkly tights and red mules and you are totally ready to rock & roll in style, and comfort!

Which option are you seeing yourself in?

Whatever you choose to wear and despite the whole situation, have a relaxing and fun time over Christmas! I am planning to make the most of it and simply enjoy some time off!

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