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Beach holiday travel packing

Are you off for late Summer holiday? Do you want to travel light and still have plenty of options to create fantastic outfits? I have prepared a curated packing list along with ideas of how to mix & match and create options for beach, daytime, hiking, city sightseeing and evening outings.

If you do want to travel light, it is important that you pack your luggage properly to be able to take fit in everything in a small rucksack or a suitcase. I strongly recommend Marie Kondo method which I use myself when packing and even storing my clothes at home.

I also suggest watching tutorials on how to tie a beach sarong scarf so that you can create a skirt, a dress and a top; that will give you more outfits with just fewer items.

Enjoy the video blog and get in touch HERE if you need help with preparing for your holiday!

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